Job Opportunities

Marketing Administrator and Content Manager

This role reports to the Head of Marketing. The job is to administer the creation of marketing assets into a final, refined form and subsequently safeguard, disseminate, and broadcast materials as appropriate. You will engage and facilitate the collaborative efforts of numerous cross-departmental specialists and consultants who will generally create the sundry elements that you will assemble into a final form and disseminate. The job requires strong computer proficiency in a variety of digital media platforms, graphic design, and the like so that you can combine the various elements that others will create. Furthermore, you will support corporate events and customer interactions with a focus on fostering the brand.

Your specific responsibilities are focused on the finalization and subsequent safeguarding and dissemination of marketing materials in digital and physical forms. You will also serve as a key facilitator of corporate events, including tradeshows and VIP activities.

Examples of primary tasks include the following.

  1. Drive the creation of all marketing materials; specifically, digital media, printed materials, surgical technique guides, training materials, exhibit booths, branding, packaging materials, website, apps, etc.
  2. Broadcast the marketing message while also tracking efficacy metrics of that effort.
  3. Manage and execute tradeshow and training exhibits and activities.
  4. Support release of new products with training materials, gathering of validation feedback, and optimization of bills of materials.
  5. Administer safe and effective safeguarding and dissemination of digital and physical materials, including: 1) ensuring easy access to those for whom the materials are intended; 2) preventing access to those to whom access is not intended and 3) ensuring version control and regulatory compliance.




  • Digital media – coordinate and administer the creation of digital media (videos, gifs, images, etc.), and implement the maintenance, dissemination, broadcasting, organization, and safeguarding of content.
  • Social media – manage social media, create accounts, populate accounts with appropriate materials, maintain a presence consistent with our brand.
  • Website – manage, refine, and promote our website, coordinating with regulatory and other departments.
  • Marketing metrics – monitor marketing success metrics and report them frequently. Assist in adjusting campaigns as needed.
  • Printed materials – coordinate and administer the creation of all printed marketing materials, including but not limited to brochures, surgical technique guides, product packaging, business cards, white papers, case studies, etc., and implement the maintenance, dissemination, organization, and safeguarding of content.
  • Training materials – coordinate and administer the creation of training materials and organize, safeguard, and disseminate these materials.
  • Press releases – coordinate and administer Press Releases at frequent, regular intervals that promote Nexus Spine as the Science Backed, Evidence Based Innovator who provides better outcomes and at a reduced cost
  • Tradeshows – register for conventions, procure a booth, attend the meetings with the goal of managing all aspects of the booth and exhibits.
  • Training and other corporate events – facilitate events by curating agendas, supplying marketing materials, branding the event, and hosting teambuilding activities.
  • Branding – administer all branding elements and ensure that our brand is present everywhere possible, e.g., sterilization trays, letterhead, swag, office space, signage, in digital and social media, etc.
  • Bills of Material (BOM) – optimize production BOM’s by facilitating ongoing surveys of sales, engineering, validation surgeons, etc. Report apparent needs to production for final approval.
  • Studies – manage receipt of final data and facilitate the subsequent dissemination to the market of appropriate findings.
  • Product validations – maintain the participant lists of validation surgeons, facilitate related compensation obligations, gather all validation feedback, and manage each validation to a defined schedule.
  • Budget – assist in creation of the annual marketing budget and manage your tasks to that budget.
  • Legal and Regulatory – coordinate with other departments to ensure that all marketing materials are accurate, regulatory compliant, represent the most current offering, and protect the legal interests of the company.
  • Fundraising support – assist as needed with fundraising activities, including the refinement, and branding of pitch decks, etc.


Supervisory responsibilities: Supervise marketing consulting personnel to deliver elements within established timelines and budget.