Easier- Less Bulk – More Stable

PressON simplifies any surgical approach; open, mini-open, wiltse, percutaneous, and cortical.

Also, there is no rod bending with multi-level.

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Less Bulk

Less tissue disruption. 1/2 the incision

Everyone Else

1/3 the volume


1/16 the time

Everyone Else

8 instruments · 6:00+ minutes
2 instruments · 0:22 seconds

 More Stable

Set Screws and Rod Bending result in instability. Instability causes pain1. PressON doesn’t use set screws and eliminates rod bending.

1. ASTM 1717. Data on file.


Faster, smaller and stronger


That’s why we don’t use them. Check out this video from Nordlock describing the Junker Test.

A 50 lbf load causes set screw loosening in 18 cycles.


Other devices experience 10.7% hardware fracture. 48% reduction in screw pullout strength1. Spinal rod delayed straightening is cause for revision. Rod “persuasion” causes pain.

Tedious rod bending.

Applies unintended stresses.

Other PLF systems require rod bending
Other PLF systems require rod bending

Infinitely conformable.

No unintended stress.

1. ASTM 1717. Data on file.


Notice how the construct freely articulates and conforms into place. Once the connections are locked it becomes strong and rigid.